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Recruit/Family Inprocessing and Information Center

JSR’s Metals and Specialty Metals Division with Cal Tex Interiors fabricated an entrance arbor by retrofitting two salvaged DC-9 tail wings to replicate an aircraft’s wing span. Each tail wing was altered by removing excess structural steel to decrease the weight and through the design and fabrication of mounting hardware and support brackets connecting the two wings together and the overall wing’s connection to two support columns. The newly fabricated wing formed a 35 ft wing span and was mounted on two 11 ft tall steel columns fabricated to look like structural airfoils. Our attention to detail included 4 inch tall and 1 inch thick water jet cut aluminum steel letters attached to the front of the wing spelling “LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE GATEWAY TO THE AIR FORCE" as well as the addition of the Air Force’s emblem and LED lighting mimicking an actual aircraft’s wing. 

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